Getting Started

nuBuilder enables you to make any application that want or need with the least amount of effort and the least amount of learning.

However to get started there is a small amount of learning required.

  1. Install the three course tables used in the nuBuilderForte User Guide 
  2. Follow all steps outlined in the nuBuilderForte UserGuide 

Step 1

After downloading the course tables, log into your nuBuilder site, go to the Builders tab, select the Database button. From there, select the Import menu item and then select the file that you downloaded. The click the Go button.

2.1 Login and go to the Database

2.2 Import Course Tables

Step 2

Follow the steps in the nuBuilder Forte user guide.

User Guide

From here, if you have any further questions, then we encourage you to join our forums and become part of the growing community of nuBuilder developers.

You can also find further documentation here at our wiki page.