nuBuilder Forte

You can download nuBuilder Forte from either Github or Source Forge.

Sample Applications

After you have downloaded and installed nuBuilder Forte, you might want to try some of these sample SQL files to help you to get started making your own applications. Please note that these are complete database files which will replace your current installed database, so make you use a seperate site to install these databases or make sure you have a backup of your database.

CRM System

This is a very basic example of a Customer Relationship Managment system.


Invoicing System

This example pizza shop database provides a simple invoicing system which you could extend and modify to build your invoicing system.

There is also a YouTube video you can watch which demonstrates how this actual database was built.

User Guide Tables

This database provides the three tables used in the User Guide. See the next tab for more information about the User Guide.

Browse Screen Example

This sample database demonstrates how the browse screen can be modified

User Guides

We have prepared some user guides which we hope will give you enough information to become a nuBuilder application developer.

nuBuilder Forte User Guide

This user guide takes you through the steps to make two screens and a simple report. One screen is used to store information for Organizations with a second connected screen to store Contact information.

You can download a complete database or download just three tables needed

More Details

Pizzeria Application - User Guide

This is yet another Pizza application which demonstrates how to use nuBuilder Forte, however you need to build this one yourself.

There is also an accompanying YouTube video for you to watch and follow as you read this PDF.

More Details